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Témoignages sur VitalIce, stages individuels & groupe - Wim Hof Method, Mouvement, Respiration


As Tom reserved for the whole family, here is the feed back from each one of us.

Five star experience (& 5* instructors!)
A new beginning for me! The Journey to reconnect with my own body and mind has just begun and I'm excited about it.
BIG THANKS to Lydie and Andreas (hi guys, if you read this) who clearly had things in hand and worked exceptionally well as a tandem team, with Lydie in the lead. And this despite 1) a nasty thunderstorm crashing through during one of our breathing sessions (thanks Andreas for saving all our boots !) and 2) a waterfall that had swollen to such gigantic proportions quick re-group and change of waterfall was needed: Bravo guys for your agile thinking and reaching the objectives! Tell you what: I'll be back once that magnificent waterfall has "calmed down a bit" and allows for safe immersion :-D

- Tom Munk, Startup Co-founder, Management Consultant & Author


This weekend definitly gave a good kick to my practice.
Lydie-anne has a great instructor life in front of her.

- Jean Baptiste Chandesris - Guide de montagne


It was interesting and definitely a day I will never forget. I did manage to do more than I thought was possible for myself and I survived, thanks to the wonderful instructors. But as somewhat of a nerd I would have love to hear a bit more about the method itself with numbers and stats and so on. But I understand that our time was very limited and this is information I can look up on my own. Overall I am very happy with the workshop and would recommend it to anyone who is curious about pushing their own imagined boundaries.

Katrin Berndt - Influenceuse - Suède

Témoignages sur votre expérience

Avis VitalIce - Franck Truong

Par Franck Truong

Thank you Lydie-Anne and Andreas for such a wonderful day ! I really enjoyed the place, the food, connecting to such beautiful people, the loving-kindness of the teaching team ! This workshop gave me a real boost of vitality and helped me reset ! I feel fresh, alive and much more resilient at this time of the year where I usually tend to become more lethargic. That's some amazing work and knowlegde you are spreading. Thank you so much, Franck

Avis VitalIce - Jennifer Crail

Par Jennifer Crail

Deuxième week-end avec Lydie-Anne et l’équipe Vitalice. Merci encore pour cette nouvelle expérience, toujours plus belle et plus forte à chaque fois. Vous êtes amour, chaleur et force à la fois et vous nous aider à cueillir le froid comme un véritable cadeau. Le cadeau du moment présent. A très vite. Avec beaucoup d’Amour. Jennifer

Avis VitalIce - Violaine du Boucher

Par Violaine du Boucher

The team was exceptional : caring, thoughtful, empowering, positive and very precise in the teaching sessions. Great job and great experience!

Avis VitalIce - Patrice Billig

Par Patrice Billig

Lydie est une formidable instructrice de la méthode Wim hof Disponible, à l écoute.... j'ai passé un excellent stage de 3 jours Je recommande vivement Patrice

Avis VitalIce - Gaëlle Abiven

Par Gaëlle Abiven

Je recommande ce stage avec Lydie-Anne! Pour sa présence, son prendre soin dans l’accompagnement, sa transmission claire, autant théorique que pratique et sa grande générosité! Nous avons été chouchoutés, accueillis dans un lieu merveilleux! Week-end fantastique que je ne suis pas prête d’oublier.

Avis VitalIce - Julien-Reynier

Par Julien-Reynier

Un weekend incroyable. Un apprentissage adapté au rythme de chaque personne, de l'écoute, de la pédagogie et de l'humain. Merci Lydie-anne et Andréas pour la transmission de vos connaissances, effectuer avec amour et bienveillance.

Avis VitalIce - Didier

Par Didier

Lydie-Anne à trouvée sa voie dans l'instruction et la découverte de la WHM. Elle trans met avec passion son expérience de vie !

Avis VitalIce - Joëlle

Par Joëlle

Quelle expérience enrichissante ! Merci pour l'atmosphère de bienveillance et d'émulation qui m'a permis de dépasser mes limites . Le site du stage est en pleine nature: décompression garantie !

Avis VitalIce - Thierry

Par Thierry

Ce stage a été une très bonne expérience. Pas à pas, nous avons découvert les techniques de respiration, puis d'exposition au froid jusqu'au bain d'eau glacée. La baignade sous une cascade "vivifiante" restera un souvenir marquant. Lydie-Anne est une excellente instructrice qui sait d'adapter aux différents stagiaires. L'ambiance était très agréable et bienveillante, et au delà de la découverte de la WHM, ce stage m'a permis de découvrir de belles personnes. A refaire.

Avis VitalIce - Berna de Rijke

Par Berna de Rijke

The weekend was a real Wim Hof EXPERIENCE. The nature elements (location, river, waterfall, tipi) were very well chosen and more impressive than the ice bath. It was a pity that we could not get to the Druise waterfall due to the heavy rainfall, but the alternative was as spectacular. Lydie-Anne is a very pleasant person, she clearly explained the various steps and made sure that everyone in the group was feeling comfortable and was able to follow. I would definitely recommend Lydie-Anne’s workshop to everyone who is interested in practicing the WHM and we might come back for another EXPERIENCE!

Avis VitalIce - Dorte Munk Jacobsen

Par Dorte Munk Jacobsen

Hi Lydie-Anne, thank you for a great course. I came as the mother of the family and knew very little about about Wim Hof and the method. I left impressed and convinced. Despite the very bad weather Sunday morning you managed to change the program on the fly to give us a great experience. Also a great thanks to Andreas, his drumming as accompaniment to your music and voice made the breathing exercise very special. Should I give a little critic, then I would have liked to start a little earlier Sunday morning, my impression is that most people was ready by 9 am, but it may be a question to ask each group. Thank you for a great experience.

Avis VitalIce - Aron Berglund Kronqvist - Suède

Par Aron Berglund Kronqvist - Suède

- Instructors were exceptionally observant to my needs and how to adjust the practice to my physiology, I felt totally safe the whole time - Andeas was fantastic in explaining the method in easy to grasp terms. - Sharing experiences with other participants felt really important, its good that we took time to learn about other's experinces!

Avis VitalIce - Johan Thelander

Par Johan Thelander

Well done, especially with regards to it being their first in Sweden.

Avis VitalIce - Sara Åkerlindh - Suède

Par Sara Åkerlindh - Suède

One thing that hit me was that I felt so safe. After the first bath we went in and danced to music and I jumped around like a lunatic. You only do that when you feel absolutely safe. There was a separate changing room for women, that was nice. I enjoyed the tea, the fruit and the nuts. I had very good comforting speach at the ice bath. It was a good packing list. The lights by the lake made it magical and much more easy to endure the cold!

Avis VitalIce - Reine Anderson - Suède

Par Reine Anderson - Suède

A very rewarding course two very committed instructors who helped us through all the difficulties that arose during the day. Thanks for a wonderful day ❤️

Avis VitalIce - Kévin

Par Kévin

Excellent. De nombreuses explications et de mise en pratique, permettant progressivement à ce que tous les participants finissent dans l'eau glacée ! Egalement, une bonne dose de bienveillance !

Avis VitalIce - Vincent

Par Vincent

I found this experience amazing... pushing my own limits and deepen my self-understanding... I loved it.. Love you guys ...WWOOO HHAAAA

Avis VitalIce - Patrice

Par Patrice

Un excellent stage, avec une très bonne ambiance. Lydie est compétente, agréable, à l'écoute, attentionnée ........que des Vertues ,elle possède et partage un bon et bel esprit, je reviendrai.

Avis VitalIce - Adrien

Par Adrien

Expérience inoubliable. Les intervenants partagent leurs connaissances avec passion et bienveillance. Un beau moment de vie.

Avis VitalIce - Vivianne

Par Vivianne

Un WE hors du temps avec des instructeurs disponibles, professionnels et à l'écoute. Ce qui est surtout appréciable c'est d'être dans un groupe de 15 personnes max (nous étions 12) ce qui renforce les liens dans le groupe. Je recommande sincèrement les WE avec Lydie Anne et Andreas, un pur moment de bonheur. Je recommencerai sans hésiter

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